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Jet Set Men

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Wet Sex 1
Wet Sex 1
In 2004, we brought you the tears, the mystery and the romance. In 2008, it`s all about one thing: the sex. This is The Ultimate Wet Palms Sex-Only Collection. Part One features 13 legendary models in 10 sizzling sex scenes. HOT SEX. NO DRAMA. "WET PALMS", the Nine Episode Adult Soap Opera (sometimes referred to as a "Gaytime Drama") was a challenging and occasionally overwhelming project. For the first time ever in the adult film business, Jet Set Men produced a video series with as much of a story as is found in main stream projects such as "QUEER AS FOLK", interspersed with hot, hardcore sex scenes, unheard of in a series of any sort. But those craving just sex in their videos complained that there was too much story. As hot as the sex was, there just was not enough to satisfy them. And so now we have WET SEX, Part 1 and Part 2 - two amazing DVDs including 19 Sex Scenes - featuring a phenomenal cast of 25 men - 13 in Part 1 and 18 in Part 2. No drama this time, just more than five hours of hot sex! An unusual factor for porn is that the fact that the many sexual performers are portraying characters in a story - having sex with a variety of agendas and relationships that are playing out during the action. The following Scene Breakdowns, without laying out the whole complex tale, lend some insight as to what is happening in the story and why the performers say and do what they do. Be sure to check out Wet Sex Part 2 with over 3 hours of hard core sex!
Duration : 2 hours 28 minutes
06:45 PM to 09:13 PM EST
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Jet Set Men Streaming All-American Jock Hard Core XXX Gay Porn All Day and All Night Straight To You! This channel features all the TOP movies including the newest Jet Set Men movies! Also playing on this channel are a selection of movies from Collin O'Neal's World of Men, Dolphin Entertainment, Raw Entry Club, Latin Heat and Jet Set classics from Jet Set Productions!
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In 2004, we brought you the tears, the mystery ...
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